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Our Story

The MARGONI story begins in 1989 when the design duo, Mary Margoni and Yannis Mandilakis, started working together out of their studio in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Their one- of- a- kind pieces of art are made in their workshop from start to finish with Mary focusing on design and Yannis on gem-cutting and lapidary techniques.
Today, the two artists continue to create unique, hand-made jewels having as protagonists precious or semi-precious stones sometimes faceted while other times left in their natural form. Combined in a harmonious way with gold and silver, the Margoni jewels are characterized by abstract lines, simplicity and a distinctive freedom of form. Their work has successfully “travelled” around and can be found in stores in Europe and the US.
  • Check out our inspiring pieces and request your custom-made jewel along with a personal quotation.