The Designers

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Mary Margoni

As soon as she graduated from The School of Accounting, Mary decided to follow her passion. Determined to study the art and technique of designing hand-made jewels, Mary entered the MOKUME Private School in Thessaloniki while in 1991 she earned a post-graduate degree from the Contacto Directo School in Lisbon.

"I am fond of simple but innovative forms, especially those which look irregular and assymetrical. But what really matters for me is to design jewels that are very wearable and "touch" those who wear them".

Yannis Mandilakis

Following his graduation from the Physics Department of the Aristotle University, Yannis studied in depth the art of the hand-made jewellery and mastered the craft of gem-cutting.

"I am inspired by the kaleidoscopic beauty of the stones, and quite often i let the stone speak for itself. Our philosophy is to showcase the gemstones as they come from the earth with the fewest possible interventions".

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